Amazing Neuenkirch – 1

Although there are probably other countrie in Germany that have more, nevertheless Switzerland has its fair share. Here is a snap of the medeival walled village of Neuenkirch, just a few miles from where I live:

This is what it looks like when you peer through one of the gates to the village, and here is a plaque that shows the gate was built about a generation before Christopher Columbus ever set out for America:

The might castle Kyburz through the trees

I see this view every morning on my daily 15 km Nordic Walk through the forests of north central Switzerland,

It harkens back to a time when life was influenced strongly by famous family dynasty, such as the Hapsburgs, Kyburzs, and others. These families may have faded into history, but we are every much as bit influenced and controlled by other famous family dynasties today, such as the Kochs and Waltons.

In a city of fountains, this one stands apart

If you’ve been to Zurich then you know how it is. Every streetcorner has a fountain, and the fountains are old, and they have clean, fresh water, and you can drink it. The people stop and the children play, and the Carabinieri toss their cigarettes into the street and move on. The worst thing is the smell.

Wait – stop – that’s what Hemingway would say.

I would say that of all the water fountains in Zurich this has to be the most unusual:

It even has a little plaque so that you can read about it’s history:

Dead standing tree

What kind of a tree this was – I don’t know.

Why did it die – I don’t know.

Who made the decision not to chop it down – I don’t know.

But I do know this was an artistic a snap as I thought I could take of a dead standing tree in a grassy clearing of a forest where I take my daily Nordic Walk.

The mighty Sequoia trees of Switzerland

Switzerland, and to a lesser extent southern Germany, is dotted with majestic California Giant Sequoai trees, many of them hundreds of years old.

I took this snap on the eastern shore of Lake Zürich, where this tree was planted next to a church:

Interestingly, due to global climate change these trees in California are all endangered, but it could be the climate of Switzerland might provide something of a sanctuary for them.

The mind boggling hunting shacks of Germany and Switzerland

This is an artistic a snap as I thought I could take of a lone hunting shack at the edge of a farmer’s field in north central Switzerland:

Oh, the fun you will have sitting warming in this shack, covered by a thick wool blanket, waiting patiently for some animal to thoughtlessly walk into the crosshairs of the telescopic sight on your rifle.

I prefer fishing.

What I’m not quite sure about is why these shacks are so predominant in Germany and Switzerland, yet in other countries are much rarer or impossible to find.

Carthusian pond

As artful a snap as I thought I could take of a pond across from an ancient Carthusian monastary in north central Switzerland:

It’s really more of a holding pond for water that trickles down the hill above, chills for a while in the pond, then continues down to the Thur River below.