Les mystérieuses voies d’eau de Bienne

One of my passions is finding “hidden canals” – and in the Swiss city of Biel/Bienne, there is quite something going on that I just don’t understand.

There is an interesting spot where waterways converge. This is how it looks on Google Maps:

And this how it looks in real life:

But this Schleusenweg (“lock-way”) to the left just runs for a bit into the city, then disappears altogether.

Like Capt. Kirk said, “I don’t like mysteries. They give me a belly-ache, and right now I’ve got a beaute.”

Entreprises horlogères suisses: Omega

I am by no means a fancy watch person – but this place has a little showroom, open to the public, where you can see one example of every watch this place makes.  I literally spent 30 minutes looking at the watches – an absoluting amazing, amazing experience.  (Well, it was pleasant for me. Inside the showroom there was a woman and a man — working there — dressed impecabbly. I think it’s more than a showroom and you can actually buy watches there. Anyway, I was wearing a dirty old T-Shirt and shorts. They didn’t complain – probably a lot of ultra-affluent people such as myself dress the way that I do!  I keep some nice clothes in my Gulfstream IV for special occasions – but nothing beats comfort.)

Anyway, continuing the series,

Why is there a lunar lander in front of the building? Well, Omega is pretty proud that astronauts wore Omega watches to the Moon. If you ask me, that was 50 years ago – there is such a thing as milking a cow a bit too much. But having said that, once you buy a lunar landar there is no point in putting into a storeroom. And, it’s really cool to get up close and imagine what the astronauts felt like. So, good job Omega!