Compared to most people, I haven’t vacationed in many countries.  But compared to most people, I have lived in many countries. After a vacation I never feel I’ve gained much of an appreciation about people or their culture – in fact, I often feel less well educated about the world, because often I see and experience new things that I don’t understand and that confuse me.  But it’s different when you live in a country: you have the time to know the people and all the subtle environmental factors that contribute to their culture and life.

When I travel, I don’t much care to look at things and take pictures. Instead, I like experiencing different cultures and people and perspectives — and food.  I’ve also developed something of a passion for traveling to well-known places during the off-season: Northern Europe in the freezing winter, or the deserts and rainforests of Asia in the summer.

Instead of having a dedicated travel page, I will try to post my travel photos and thoughts in my blog.