Dubai Dates

Dubai is just incredible!

For the people like me who visit in August, when the temperature is around 120 F or 48 C, a real treat is taking long walks outside, where date palms can be found just about anywhere. Many of them are quite short, so you can reach up and (if they are ripe) eat the dates right off the trees!

The high density mosques of Dubai

If you’ve ever been to Dubai, then you know almost everything about it is amazing.

Someone told me the government of Dubai has a policy that nobody in the city should ever be more than 25m from the nearest mosque, or about 80 feet. Now, if true, I have no idea why they adopted this policy.

The result of thie policy is that the inner city has a vast network of mini-mosques. They are numbered (below is Mosque 16) and they are spaced about 50 meters apart from each other:

I visited Dubai in the high summer, and I took this picture around noon – when it was just over 45 C = 110 F.  Aside from me and the Indian construction workers, nobody was out and about. I am eager to go back sometime during cooler weather to see whether people really do venture outside.