Hardware and Infrastructure

Look at the body language: confident, powerful – this was one of the best teams I had, and I still miss these folks very much! My assistant Diana also appears in the picture – but she is no assistant anymore. Fluent in many different languages, she’s gone on to have a stunning career in recruiting and HR, probably getting her start here after we hired so many people in so short a time!

No matter where life takes me, I feel privileged to have worked with so many TALENTED people around the world. But like most software developers, I never worked closely with hardware and infrastructure professionals . . . until 2008, when I built a team in Bulgaria.

Here is a photo of my team in Sofia, Bulgaria, taken around October 2008.  The team grew to some 80 engineers, but unfortunately I left before the team got that big.

These guys were each experts in their areas, and it was also the first time I worked so closely with professionals such as system administrators, storage administrators, enterprise administrators, and DBA’s. I started learning the in’s and out’s of these dynamic areas – infrastructure and support topics¬†bring whole new challenges, but also rewards, compared to software engineering.