Amazing Bern

Tourists come to Switzerland all the time.  Zürich is a natural location for tourists to see. And it seems hoards of tourists (particularly from India) flock to Lucerne.

But the real gem of Switzerland is not well known outside of Switzerland – it’s not at all visited by many tourists – and I think the locals prefer it that way.

Probably even writing this blog could land me in jail for breaking a carefully guarded Swiss secret. This photo just shows about one tenth of this incredible UNESCO site:

Interestingly, what I find most exciting about this city is not the city itself but the language that the locals speak.  They don’t speak German but rather a very special form of a more advanced, evolved language: Alemanic.  In addition to having many features that other languages could only dream about, Alemanic is hundreds of years more “evolved” than German: meaning that subtle changes in vowels and consonants that occur over the generations have yet to occur in German, but are present in modern day Alemanic.