The unbelievable Swiss blue clock mystery continues

Continuing the series, just a few days ago I saw something.

This something was so incredible, so awful, so mind-boggingly complex that it very nearly made my brain explode!

Indeed, after seeing what I saw – and not being able to un-see it – I was forced to dismount my motorcycle and spend several long minutes in a hyper-catatonic state, until my brainwaves recovered.

And what did I see, you may ask?

Out in the middle of the Swiss countryside – so deep and far away from civilization that tourists would not even think of coming here (and indeed, most likely none of them would survive long, especially if they encountered any of the tough, unforgiving Swiss locals) – I saw a tiny village, almost microscopic in size, and in the middle of the village a tiny church.

But that is not what made my brain explore.

What made my brain explode was this: a big blue clock!

Now, gentle reader, most likely you are scratching your head and wondering why my brain exploded when, in all probability, yours did not.

I will tell you.

This is not the first example of a big blue clock in Switzerland. This is not the second example of a big blue clock in Switzerland. This is an example of many, many, many big blue clocks that adorn Swiss churches!  Here is an example from a few kilometers from where I live:

And here is an example from the “old town” part of the city of Winterthur:

This is not happenstance. This is not a coincidence. This is not luck – or chance – or a following moon. There must be a reason that so many Swiss churches are adorned with exactly the same blue clock face . . . and one day, I will find out!