Cable ferry across the Rhein


You’ve heard of cable cars and cable bridges and cable TV – but have you heard of a cable ferry?

This is something I have not encountered very often: a car-carrying ferry across a river, which itself is pulled by a cable that runs high above the river, rather than pushed by a motor. What you see here is located on the Rhein river, between Germany and France, in the small town of Plittersdorf.  I discovered this quite by accident during my first year in Germany, by taking the Rastatt exit off the autobahn then driving towards the river. (Very embarrassing admission: I exited the Autobahn here in need of gasoline, and it seems I confused the village name with the German word for the Autobahn rest area, or Raststätte! I wonder if anyone else makes this mistake?)

It is amazing just how little known this is – but during the summer, and especially on bicycle, it is a wonderful old-time way to cross the river.