A spacetime distortion over a medieval French village?

Continuing the series, this is a snap showing the medieval French village of Gordes,

Just left of center you’ll notice a very obvious distortion in the fabric of spacetime.  It is quite likely an intense gravitational rift opened at precisely the instant I took this snap – but no ordinary spacetime distortion was this, since the expected rainbow colors were not present. Most likely, the gravitational distortion which affected the light waves was accompanied by an intense magnetic field, and this triggered a massive anti-Stokes scattering phenomena which exactly compensated the light distortion.

But if you think this is amazing, then hold onto your hat: it gets even MORE amazing than this!

What is even MORE amazing than a spontaneous gravo-magnetic distortion of spacetime in a medieval village in France is that it occurred at precisely the location in which two separate photographs of the village were stitched together to create the panoramic picture shown above!

How amazing is THAT?!?!

For whatever reason, I don’t think my reasoning is that far away from what I‘ve seen some astrophysicists have used in discussing dark matter.  In an upcoming blog I‘ll probably mention Mr. Occam and his Razor.