A real locomotive . . . at REAL

There is a chain of hypermarkets in Germany called Real – a tad smaller (well, considerably smaller) than Walmart or even Carrefour in France. OK, so let’s just call them “big supermarkets that sell other things, not just food.”

The Real located in Böblingen, Germany has – for reasons I do not know but are on my bucket list to find out – a steam locomotive in their parking lot.

Here’s what it looks like from the side:

The locomotive has been – every time that I have visited at least – been open to the public, so you can climb up and check it out from in the inside. I don’t have any snaps of the inside, but here is a close-up of the wheel assembly:

And I thought the boiler tank was quite interesting:

But to me the two most amazing things are the front of the train, which uses exactly the same bumper technology and connection technology that you find on trains today:

And the writing on the side of the train, just like you find on trains today: