Where I was shot

Yes, I had the honor or privilege of having someone try to shoot me with a gun.

On one of these occasions, I was driving around the back woods region of Kentucky, when my path was blocked by a couple of stray cows, so I spent the time to take their picture:

I heard someone with a gun firing, one shot, then another.  I assumed someone just hunting birds or squirrels. Then,  just as I started to drive off, WHAM – a gun shot and a loud noise from the side of my pickup truck!

At that point, I drove away VERY fast.  After around 1-2 miles I stopped to look for a bullet hole – but didn’t find anything.  However, next time I stopped for gas I spotted it: a nice round bullet hole, probably made by a 22-caliber, about 1 inch from my gas tank cover.

Moral of the story: there are still many places in rural, backwoods America where the folks don’t take too kindly to strangers.