Rise of the machines – the AMAZING French Robo-Hotels

France would be almost the perfect country during the next global pandemic, since it’s possible – without too much inconvenience – to live life here without having to interact directly with other human beings.

Fully automated grocery stores are one example. You order your groceries on their website from your home, and when you drive to the store they are all ready to be loaded into your car.

The amazing French robo-hotels are yet another. The chain called B&B is one of my favorites (but there are many others):

The rooms don’t use a key for entry; rather, they have a little touchpad into which you enter a code to open them.

As shown above, and in more detail below, outside the hotel there is a kiosk. You can use your credit card to order and pay for your room – and the machine will print out a paper with the code to your door.