MyPost24: The Swiss innovation hasn’t stopped yet!

For more than I year I’ve been a big fan and user of the Swiss postal system’s electronic portal for snail mail.  Any snail mail you get is not delivered to you directly, but instead it is re-routed to a special post office where it is opened and scanned.  You are notified about any new snail mail via email – and you can look at your mail, delete it, or chose to have it snail mailed to you or anyone else.


Just when you think it can’t get any more innovative: MyPost24!  This is an automated post office.  It is a standalone collection of lockers – and with this system, you can receive packages or snail mail, or you can send packages or snail mail.

I can imagine they have systems like this in other countries . . . but it is wonderful to see how the Swiss are among the first adopters of new and innovative technologies!