Gebrüder Sulzer Brunnen – 1 of 2

Here they are, the Sulzer brothers (in German, Gebrüder Sulzer):

That’s Johann Jakob on the left, and his brother Solomon on the right. Interestingly, they weren’t the founders of the Gebrüder Sulzer company, which is today Sulzer Ltd., but rather their father, also named Johann Jakob. Founded in 1834, it’s Switzerland’s oldest company still in existance – and I had the great privilege and pleasure of working there.

Anyway, back in the day it was a heavy manufacturing company with forges and presses and steel working capabilities, and today the face of the Swiss city of Winterthur is still adorned by hundreds of Sulzer buildings and artefacts – literally hundreds – including this antique fountain (Brunnen, in German), where I stopped on my motorcycle to have a quick drink of water.