Donzenac – an incredible medieval French village – 2

Continuing the series, as everyone knows France is filled with incredible villages dating back to the Middle Ages.  Many of them are famous and they get lots of tourists.

But . . . some of them are so remote that tourists have never visited. When small children in these villagers happen to see an “outsider” (in French: étrange éetranger) they recoil in fear because they think they are the only people on the planet – and some of them later need professional counseling.

Donzenac is one of these villages. You probably won’t find it on Apple Map or Google Earth – it is located so deep within France that – even if you knew what you were looking for – it would take you many hours and a lot of luck to come across this place, and of course any locals you might stop to ask would refuse to acknowledge that this place even exists!

As you can see, even the signs are written 100% in French, because they assume that no étranges étrangers would ever come here:

Well, OK, maybe 1-2 Germans have been here – but certainly no more than that!