The amazing sidewalks of Hollywood

I know its a touristy thing to do, but I’ve always wanted to see the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard, which I recently got the chance to do.

On both sides of the street, extending for quite some length, are the famous “stars” – 2600 of them, to be precise:

They are arranged in repeating patterns of two: two stars facing left, then two stars facing right. I’m not sure how they decide to mix up the celebrities, but movie stars, musicians, movie directors, and other famous people are honored here. ┬áIn the snap above you can see some empty stars; the names are added after the celebrities are selected, but the stars are already built into the ground.

One one side of Hollywood Boulevard is Graumann’s Chinese Theatre,

And in the very tiny area in front, you can see the hand and footprints of the mega-stars: