Stork poop

OK, sounds gross, but it’s one of those questions you gotta ask! Alsace and Southern Germany are filled with storks, as this snap of a village in Alsace shows: But it makes you wonder: do storks poop into and onto their nests (as do many birds, such as pigeons), or do they keep their nests […]

Train Storks

Storks. I’ve written about transformer storks, house storks, monument storks, and Bodensee storks. And now to add to my collection of storks, train storks! This fellow set up shop at the Basel Bahnhof, and as you can see from this snap he looks rather proud of himself: Technically, he is geolocated in Switzerland – but […]


Here’s something you don’t see every day.  This is the medieval city wall of the city of Konstanz, also known as the Stadtmauer (the wall, not the city): That’s not the amazing bit.  The truly amazing bit is way up on top: a female mallard duck that looks like she is roosting there: Even if […]

Hannibal in Salamanca

This is Hannibal: And this is Salamanca, in western Spain: The cathedral somehow looks a bit tilted, so here is a second photo to assure you that it is not tilted. It also shows the Roman Bridge, which (unbelievably!) was built in the first century AD: I believe this is the first city that I’ve […]

Places I’ve worked in IT

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked on IT topics in many exciting places. Sonoma, California Sonoma State University is an amazing place with a beautiful campus, located north of San Francisco and just at the gateway to the Sonoma and Napa Valleys.  Here I got my first real programming challenges, developing applications that were […]