Amazing futuristic city in the Camargue – 6

Continuing the series, I am quite glad I decided to publish these snaps one at a time. Each of them are so intensely amazing, if you were see more than one, there is a very real danger that your brain would explode!

Within the futuristic city I don’t know if I would go so far as to say there are thousands of buildings like this, but it is no exaggeration to say there are zillions of them at least, if not many more!

Pullman Coach on the Glacier Express

There is a wonderful train – some might call it a luxury train, although I’d stop just a bit short of saying that – that runs through the south of Switzerland, from St. Moritz to Montreux.

Passengers sit in honest-to-goodness Pullman coaches, like this one shown here:

To be sure, it’s hard to imagine a more uncomfortable ride – the seats are fancy but hail from the days before the term ergonomics was in common use.

One of the wonderful fringe benefits of having a first class railcard (a so-called GA) for the Swiss Federal Railways is that you can take magnificent railway journey such as this, as often as you like, with no extra fees!

Aigues-Mortes – 3

Continuing the series, here is another snap that – if you look carefully through the doorway – shows how truly enormous the walls are:

Note: normally I do no post-processing of my images except for a bit of cropping – but in this case I used a iPhone app called SLRWT to straighten up the curved sides a bit, which anyway is just an artifact of having a spherical lense.